Meet the Team


Josh Fendley


Josh is our version of “The Wolf.” In the movie Pulp Fiction, “The Wolf” comes in when things are coming unglued. He calmly and cooly connects the dots and holds things together. That’s Josh. As the Director of Digital Strategy at Barefoot, he cultivated an incredibly strong bond with the MillerCoor’s Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor brand — enabling his team to create several successful and award-winning campaigns. Today he uses his clear vision and strategic thinking to connect with clients and to assure that our work connects with the right audience.


Kevin Comer

Partner, Creative

Kevin is the most rugged and handsome of all the Ample partners. And he’s not just saying that because he’s writing this site. In fact, he feels a little strange about writing in third person. Anyway, “he” has written for print, television, radio and online media. And has spun his verbal skills for companies like Del Monte, Procter and Gamble and Miller Brewing Company. Today, as the copywriting Ample partner, he leverages his linguistic skills to speak to the masses, be they college-age boozers or professors looking for online textbooks.


Rob Sloan

Partner, Creative

Rob refuses the title of guru despite evidence to the contrary. His hiring at HyperQuake began a pilgrimage of designers that quickly built the little shop to prominence. Imparting his knowledge as an Associate Creative Director at Barefoot BBDO, he led the Miller Brewing Company creative team-developing the look tone and feel for the award winning Mickey’s Malt Liquor online media. Today he miraculously walks the line between designer and developer, leads by example and is growing an impressive beard. If that’s not a guru, what is?


Taylor MacDonald

Partner, Technology

A father, home brewer, beard grower and Kentuckian — Taylor fits the exact mold of an Ample developer. However, Taylor is not your typical developer. Sure he talks fast and uses complex words. Yet after he explains, “the ramifications that can progress from the conglomeration of poor decisions, born of committee-based feedback loops,” — he can then read the blank faces around him and simply say: “This is a bad idea.” It’s a unique ability Taylor has used throughout his career, which has taken him from Lexington to Cincinnati and included work such as the design and development of collegiate athletic sites:,, and as well as work for brands such as Tide, Macy’s and Lexis Nexis.


Becky Blank

Senior Project Manager

Becky is a process master, with a zen-like calm — wielding her web development know-how and spreadsheet finesse like project management nunchucks. They are things of beauty unless you miss a deadline. Becky has been a project manager and systems analyst on accounts like Febreze, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Macy’s, Nutro and Mead Johnson. She is also the Co-Leader of Cincinnati’s Girl Develop It chapter, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable programs for adult women interested in learning web and software development in a judgment-free environment. As “all-business,” as that sounds however, Becky is also a steel drum playing culinary school dropout who was once bitten by a fish so badly, she spent 5 days in the hospital. She has some stories to tell.


Sarah Sachs

Front-end Developer

Sarah is our newest coding mastermind who has focused her endeavors on the front-end of the web. A self-proclaimed nerd, she spends her off hours researching the latest digital or teaching others how to code through Girl Develop It. How does someone gain such obsession with the magic of the web? She graduated from UC’s College Conservatory of Music of course. Surprised? That’s Sarah. On one side of the coin, she is a fan of horror, comics, and video games. Sounds like a developer right? Think you have her pegged? No way. Sarah loves hiking, cooking and rough housing with her three dogs. That sounds like a pretty cool, “nerd” to us.

Who We Are

We’re about a lot of things. Staying agile is one of them. We believe that being big doesn’t translate to being good. In fact, it can mean you’re slow and clunky. We’re for staying true to our roots. Ours run deep in midwest soil. And we have the blue-collar work ethic to prove it. We’re family style. At a restaurant, it means we get a taste of everything. In the office, it means tapping the expertise of multiple disciplines on every project. And speaking of families we’re about the ones we have at home as well. And we support them by partnering with the right clients, pushing ourselves to a premium standard, and having fun along the way. As a whole, we stand for a lot. See what each individual is all about using the pictures above.

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Our Space

We’™ve created a space that works as hard as we do. But what’€™s all that hard work worth without an occasional toast? Stop by some time and we’€™ll find something to celebrate. Or, if you’re one of those non-social types, stalk us over on our Facebook page.