Ample has experience in both creating new unique brands as well as in adapting brands to expand or evolve. From logos to names to collateral, we have developed the materials that companies need to put forth a consistent and professional look.

Crafting the look tone and feel of a product, service or company is an exercise in creativity within limits. How can we make this brand professional, yet unique? How can it be appealing to the masses while being specific enough to differentiate it from the masses?

Naming is an art that requires a lot of ideation. It is complex both in its difficulty to evaluate as well as the legal implications of coming up with something that is unique and usable. Ample has created a proprietary naming tool that allows for efficient management of the naming process. Our tool enables team members to create name options, provide an explanation behind the name, research the current Google search result and domain name availability and ultimately assign a rating. We use our naming tool to help us narrow in on ideas, present our findings and come to a consensus.

Logo Creation
Our process in creating a logo begins with gaining a deep understanding of the brand. We review our client’s tangible targets such as their core audience, their competition and their goals. We also dig into the emotions of the brand — how should it make you feel? Our process includes creating several black and white marks that are drastically different from one another. This helps us narrow in on what is delivering best on the the brand promise and what is heading down the wrong path, both of which more quickly get us to the perfect logo. After discovering the right blend, we then move on to color exploration, tag line usage and how the mark works on everything from a business card to a t-shirt.

Once the logo and website have been established, we create brand guidelines that articulate how print and web-based marketing communications should look. The brand guidelines include things like logo usage, typography, photography strategy and messaging.

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