Creating a plan of attack for the messaging of any project is paramount for a positive user experience. We help our clients narrow in on their core message based upon what they’re trying to do and what they hope to achieve. We then set the tone and priority with the end user in mind.

This process involves a lot of questions and answers, and many times some in-depth research. Knowing who you are and who you are serving is key to crafting a logical plan as well as relevant content.

Architecting the Information
Ample takes a unique approach to planning projects that allow our creativity to lead the way to better solutions. We believe that huge planning documents will never do the work of a few home page designs. Humans tend to be visual, and therefore by going to design and copy first, we are better able to make decisions. This also leads to more realistic and valuable information architecture. Additionally, we create a sitemap as well as an inventory of prioritized content that will live on each page. This, in turn, allows us to begin prototyping sooner so that we can critique working sites rather than flat images.

The Words
In essence, our job is to tell a story in a world that has less time than ever to read. Prioritization, therefor, has become our top priority. We base much of our headline and content structure on the trusty inverted pyramid of classic news writing. The headlines are engaging and tell a bit of the story, and the first few lines paint the broad picture. The rest is valuable information and details that further tell the story to those who want to know more. This invites users to bite off as much or little as they like, but in any case, always get the main message.

Copywriting vs Content Creation
Putting some verbal spin on a project is the backbone of copywriting. It’s embarking on creative exploration within the boundaries of a brand. Ample builds upon the personality of the brand, establishing a consistent voice and tone. This style is then applied across the board — from marketing material to website. Content creation is about creating something new that is useful or engaging to the consumer. Ample employs content creation to extend messaging beyond the typical realm of marketing. Our work includes the creation of entertaining videos, in-depth informative articles, and presentation guides.

See how Ample can help you give a voice to your message and build a better, stronger brand.