Accessing the internet via phone and tablet is the norm. At Ample, we believe that every one of our clients should plan accordingly and deliver their material in the most logical and user-friendly way possible.

Often times this means creating a single responsive site, but not always. In some cases due to the volume of content or the specific goals of a website, creating a separate mobile site makes all the sense in the world.

Responsive Web Design
As things stand today, why would anyone design a site that can’t adapt to a mobile world? People use their phones, tablets, desktops and laptops interchangeably and expect a great experience no matter which device they are using. Responsive web design involves crafting a single site that is fluid enough to reshape itself based on its environment. Our process enables us to build sites that will provide an optimal viewing experience without creating separate sites for desktop and mobile sites. Instead, as screen sizes shrink, we can assure that our images, text and navigation will shift and reorganize to provide an optimal user experience.

Mobile Sites and Apps
Creating something unique for the mobile experience is for those instances when we expect specific user interaction to take place in that space. For instance, a restaurant may require a specific mobile version to focus a prospective customer on the most pertinent information. Rather than replicate the full site experience, we would create a mobile site that would provide quick access to things such as locations, hours and menu items. In general, all of our mobile sites and apps are focused on delivering the most useful and relevant content in the fastest and most user friendly way possible.

Ample CMS for Mobile Sites
Sites that are built on the Ample CMS benefit greatly from the streamlining of mobile content management. Instead of having multiple copies of content, it’s all managed from one place. All of the copy and assets are simply manipulated to fit into whatever presentation vehicle is required based upon preset parameters. It makes it incredibly easy to use when changes occur. You simply login, open up one page in the CMS and adjust the content — all changes are then broadcast out to both the traditional site and the mobile version instantly.

See how Ample can help you craft your story to fit the device.