In our world of sound bites and fractured attention spans, video can provide that quick hitting engagement that delivers messaging and generates excitement.

We believe that creating multiple options for people to consume your message is not only effective, but in many cases a necessity. Video is a great tool that can speak to those who would not otherwise engage in copy. It’s also a format that is more likely to be shared as it can be emailed, posted, tweeted or displayed.

Video Creation
Our process begins on paper. We create scripts and storyboards to paint a picture of how we envision the video coming to life. Working with our clients, we iron out the details and move on to more specific treatments of the content. Color, illustration and design styles as well as talent options (actors or voice talent) are shared to gain consensus before moving forward to begin the creation of the video itself. Ample handles anything that the end product requires, from working with a production staff and shooting live action video to animating illustrations and working with voice talent.

Concept vs Marketing Video
Typically we work within the realms of two specific types of video creation: those that bring concepts to life, and those that are about marketing an existing product or service. Marketing videos are goal-oriented in nature. They showcase the features and benefits of a product, delivering it in an interesting way and pushing viewers to take action at its completion. Concept videos are informative and emotional in nature. These videos are typically commissioned for companies or products that do not exist yet. Concept videos are a powerful way to showcase goals and viability and to in turn gain support.

See how Ample can bring your video to life, visit our gallery on Vimeo.


Concept Video