A work in process - how Ample gets things done.

Watch Kevin & Rob talk “process” at QC Merge.

May 20, 2013

A work in process - how Ample gets things done.

Recently two of our colleagues spoke at QC Merge, a 2 day conference that brings all the architects of the internet together to share knowledge and advice.

Kevin Comer and Rob Sloan shared what they knew in an hour and a half talk about process. Specifically, they reviewed how Ample evolved their own process in-order-to create better partnerships with clients, to build a stronger team unit and to develop a better end product.

There are never any guarantees when giving a talk like this. Would it turn out that Ample’s process was nearly identical to how everyone else does things? Would anyone show up for a talk on process? Would they be presenting to an empty room?

It turns out that process matters to people, and Rob and Kevin found themselves presenting to a packed house of engaged and interested colleagues. And it turns out that Ample’s path to getting things done is drastically different from the norm. They had a lot of interaction, tons of questions and several people have reached out since. You can witness A Work In Process for yourself. See if Ample’s way of doing things has something to offer you.