Ample brings Paycor\'s HRP to the level.

Read about the new face of HR in Paycor’s own words.

October 22, 2012

Ample brings Paycor's HRP to the level.

Paycor is a Cincinnati success story that offers exceptional payroll processing as well as a variety of services that tackle things like human resources, time & attendance and more. And recently they have been upgrading with sone help from Ample.

This summer, Paycor launched a new brand as well as their new flagship product (Perform). This involved a new look and product offerring and was all about modern design and usability. Hence, the call to Ample.

We were charged with helping to give one of their largest and most complicated products (HRP) a facelift to both bring the look up to speed with Perform and to create consistency in the constantly-evolving feature set. Ample took inventory of over 400 screens in the application and consolidated them into a system of 17 templates which the Paycor developers could use to implement the new design. We also provided a CSS/HTML style guide for Paycor to use in bringing the new look to their other applications.

The user feedback has been very positive from clients across the board, saying that “It’s more user friendly than the old version.” And one enthusiastic client went so far to say, “It’s so beautiful! Nice job!”

We make a lot of beautiful things at Ample, but when someones says you made a human resources application “beautiful” it’s time for a high five.