New Year, new branding and a new website.

Business Cards. We pushed them to be a true introduction.

January 8, 2010

New Year, new branding and a new website.

After a little over a year in business, it was high time for us to truly brand ourselves. Following an arduous process, we came to a consensus on a clean and fun look that would play nice within all the different mediums required.

Business cards for example.
We melded together design and copy to assure that our business cards would work harder than most. We pushed them to be a true introduction. Branding on one side with the website. And on the other, our name and a little descriptor that captured a little bit of our individual personalities and might give you a hint of what it would be like to work with us.

The website
We really wanted to create something that represented the same principles and followed the same advice we give our clients. Which led to the question: What does Ample need their site to do? Answer: Act as a contact point that tells people who we are, feature our work, and update with any news that might be of interest.

Pretty simple goals really. Which led us to this very functional yet dynamic creation. We pushed ourselves to make things unique without going overboard with Flash and design. That’s where this side scrolling home page comes in that features new work and news.

That’s also where the Case Studies come in. We wanted our work to shine without being confined to a little box. And we wanted our copy to be featured as much as the design. The feedback, has been really positive. Turns out, that by focusing on the the process by-which we got to the end result, allows clients to better see how our skills fit their needs.

Well, this post is probably way too long, so I’m going to cut it off here. We hope you like the new look of Ample. We sure do.