Ample makes Invisible Ink appear

Check out their site and see how it’s coming to life and perhaps ponder just how many ‘tramp stamps’ they’ll be removing in the coming years.

July 1, 2014

Ample makes Invisible Ink appear

Remember that Chinese symbol you thought was the coolest thing when you were 20 and abroad for the summer? Well now, it can stay in the past along with any of those other questionable choices you made years ago.

Invisible Ink is a laser tattoo removal startup founded in Cincinnati that launched in June of 2014. Invisible Ink was created for the nearly 9 million people who wish that their ink wasn’t quite so permanent.

The founders came to Ample asking for help in naming and branding their company. They also needed help in creating their website, signage and other marketing materials both in-store and out. Logically, we started with naming. Our naming process is based on the collaboration of our whole team brainstorming, ranking and explaining potential names. With invisible ink, we also used some social media-based polling to zero-in-on an innovative name that also defines the product.

We provided several directions from a branding perspective — ranging from bold to elegant. We landed on one that broke through some common tattoo stereotypes and elevated the brand to the medical and professional status they aspire to offer. This branding translated into the company website and marketing materials. It was a fun process working with the Invisible Ink team and helping them craft an entirely new company look, tone and feel from scratch.