Ample\'s hiring! Developers wanted.

Imagine handing one of these bad boys out, with your name on it.

June 24, 2014

Ample's hiring! Developers wanted.

Ample is looking for development talent to work on-site in Cincinnati. You’ll fill a technology and problem-solving role helping to make things like websites, online applications, rich media advertising and mobile apps.

First: Does this sound like you?

I’m obsessed with technology, open source software and mobile communications. Sure, I’m fluent in one language or another, but more importantly, I’m a proactive team member and a quick study. I’m not looking to disappear into the crowd of faceless workers. Instead, I want to be a part of a team, working together to over-deliver.

Second: Do you have these skills?

Development: Have skills. Desire to learn more.

  • Take it from start to finish. Starting with responsive HTML/CSS and finishing with server-side performance tuning.
  • Ability to hit the ground running. We write our code in Ruby and leverage Rails for rapid, full-stack development.
  • Fundamental understanding of client-side technology, supporting libraries (jQuery & Zepto, etc) and their preprocessors (Sass & Coffeescript, etc).
  • Relational database understanding. Comfortable working with MySQL & PostgreSQL directly.
  • Experience with acceptance testing. We use tools such as Rspec, MiniTest & Jasmine.
  • Patience. You can deal with cross-browser testing and are vigilant in squishing bugs (the software kind, our office is pretty clean).

Enjoying yourself: Have fun — (gasp) working.

  • You are excited to work for a small company rather than a big one. Why? Because you strive to work smarter so that everyone can work less. You like that we don’t work to look busy, nor that we smile and nod at bad ideas or laugh at bad jokes. You want to work with veterans on whom you can depend, learn from, and who always over-deliver.
  • You’ll get paid well, have plenty of vacation days, solid health and dental insurance, a parking space, and a really nice office.

Requirements: Be awesome. Don’t suck.

  • You are accountable to yourself and to your team. Expect brutal honesty. Expect revision. You have a strong stomach and a stronger head on your shoulders.
  • You have an eye for design. You are not a designer, but you have to want to make the end result go beyond good enough. And you want to work with the designer, writer and client to get it to where it needs to be.
  • You have patience for everyone. Or at least enough to be an active participant in a world of people who aren’t quite as smart as you are. Though we respect the basement-dwelling developers of the world, we work best with the ones who like to see the sunshine and engage with real-live-people.