Animating Paycor’s Solutions

You know you want to check out a video on HR… Who wouldn’t!?

November 11, 2014

Animating Paycor’s Solutions

Once again, our friends at Paycor have called upon Ample to produce a series of videos to promote a couple of their product offerings.

This time, Paycor charged us with the task of promoting both their Applicant Tracking tool and HR Application software. Applicant Tracking is designed to streamline the process of job posting and talent recruitment. HR Application software is a paperless platform a company can use to manage all their human resource files.

Ample used animation and copy to translate the technical capabilities of Paycor’s products into an informative pitch that speaks directly to the pain points of their target. Both videos are focused on the end benefits to their consumer — using high-level demonstrations to show the effect Paycor can have on workplace efficiency.