For those who are terrified of numbers… meet the Bee.

Meet the Bee See how it takes the “sting” out of accounting stuff.

May 11, 2010

For those who are terrified of numbers… meet the Bee.

B2bee is an online accounting tool that takes care of things like invoicing, expensing and a whole mess of other number crunching mind benders. And, much to the joy of freelancers and owners of small businesses, it’s up and running.

More than a year ago, our friend Scott Miller, the brains behind B2bee, came to us with key features sketched out in a notebook. And after wireframing, concepting, peer testing, and prototyping, Ample created the CSS and HTML stubs that, would eventually bring the Bee to life. And as the Bee grew, we worked with Scott to create the marketing site, create the logo and write/direct/edit some videos.

This is one of those projects that truly sums up the way that Ample loves to do business. Scott is a client that has the rare gift of decisiveness, and the ability to delegate. His product and vision were both sound. And we were given the freedom and trust to do what we do.

Through this, our relationship thrived. And the Bee was born. Check out the marketing site, watch the videos, sign up for a free account, and see what the Bee can do for you. You’ll also see what Ample can do as well.