Bakersfield — tacos, tequila and whiskey

We took a shot on a restaurant site that was all about whiskey, tequila and tacos. Take a look at Bakersfield and see how we did.

October 9, 2014

Bakersfield — tacos, tequila and whiskey

The owners of Bakersfield have a relationship with Ample that began over burritos and now extends to tacos. In 2012, we created a site for the Currito franchise, a fun and usable online experience for the quick-service restaurant. Bakersfield is a different animal. In this case, they were looking for a site that was casual and authentic, simple and understated. A small site that fit the personality of the restaurant.

What is the restaurant’s personality? The concept of Bakersfield comes from the small town of the same name in California. It’s a place where Mexican street food is the norm and its eclectic vibe reaches all the way back to the 50’s — when Merle Haggard and Buck Owens invented the Bakersfield sound.

Today in Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and Charlotte — Bakersfield is serving up that authentic Mexican street fare, a warm atmosphere, and the twangy sounds of a steel guitar.

Bakersfield is delicious, a restaurant that is worth the wait. We encourage you to visit, both the site and the restaurant. Tell ’em Ample sent you, and see if that scores you a shot of tequila.