Buffalo Wings & Rings takes on March Madness

Check out the new site and see how your picks stack up!

March 20, 2014

Buffalo Wings & Rings takes on March Madness

Our friends at Buffalo Wings and Rings came to us asking for help creating an engaging March Madness promotion. Beer, wings, and March Madness: What more can you possibly ask for?

We came up with the concept of a March Madness ‘pick-em’ style bracket where you get to keep updating your picks round by round. The days of having your entire bracket ruined by the second round of the tournament are over.

The round by round selection helped us to keep customers involved, so even novices can enjoy keeping up with the tournament. The incentive didn’t hurt either, as the person with the best score also scored a big screen TV.

Ample’s March Madness promotion is a perfect example of what can happen when great technology and creative meet up with a great client. In this case we built on the design, functionality and learning from our previous two years handling their football pick ‘em — using it to revolutionize the March Madness scene.