Buffalo Wings & Rings, Season 2

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September 4, 2013

Buffalo Wings & Rings, Season 2

Last season’s fantasy football draft reservation system provided a significant boost for the restaurant chain’s franchisees. And for 2013 they were looking to extend its reach and capabilities.

This season, we provided much-needed marketing materials to help drive fantasy ballers into their stores. From in-store table tents to radio spots and print ads, Ample made sure they all had their bases covered. We even produced a training video, for the staff. It provided a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up for a draft party.

The draft itself received a boost. It included a new and improved draft board, branded cheat sheets, koozies, a commissioner t-shirt, pens and a coupon book featuring almost $100 in savings.

The pick-em game is another portion of the Buffalo Wings & Rings program that was expanded. More opportunities to pick and more visualizations of results (including store-by-store leaders).

Lastly, we extended the reservation system to re-open for anyone who drafted at Wings & Rings. Those guests are able to book another get-together at the same location after the season ends, for their championship celebration and trophy ceremony.