The ClassWatch is now taking orders!

ClassWatch Configurator. Add your school logo, initials and graduation date. Then see exactly how it will look.

July 27, 2009

The ClassWatch is now taking orders!

Rebuilding a website is one thing. Taking a site and rebuilding it on a eCommerce platform while maintaining a high level of design and search functionality… that’s another.

ClassWatch is a company that offers the modern alternative to a class ring. You can visit their site now, choose a high-quality watch and customize it with things like your school logo, initials, graduation year and more. It’s a great idea, but required some creativity in programming and design to make it work.

The new ClassWatch site was built on a Magento platform with a little Adobe Scene7 for added flavor. Magento is able to handle purchasing and filtered product searches, while Scene7 is a dynamic imaging tool that makes for higher quality, and more accurate images.

Choosing a customized product to commemorate a time in your life is special, and we pushed ourselves to create a design that reflected that, while maintaining a drive to purchase. In that same vein, we also created a unique page for each school, with copy and logo to offer a glimpse of what that school is all about – and to really provide a boost in their search ranking.

For more information on how we brought the new ClassWatch site to life and how it works, check out the case study now.