We cooked up a new site for Cooking with Caitlin

Cooking with Caitlin will leave you feeling full of culinary knowledge and starving for home cooking.

February 1, 2011

We cooked up a new site for Cooking with Caitlin

Maybe you’ve been to one of Cooking with Caitlin’s Third Thursday Parties, watched the cooking videos on Cincinnati.com, or perhaps you’ve heard the radio show on 55KRC.

For those of you that haven’t – you owe it to yourself (and your stomach) to get to know Caitlin, Kelly and Molly. They make up the Cooking with Caitlin crew and are seeking to provide delicious, easy-to-make recipes, made up of ingredients that are easy to find. Through videos, articles and recommendations, they make sure that you don’t just know what to do but also how you should do it. It’s a daily dose of information that can lead anyone to culinary greatness.

Our favorite thing about Caitlin and her team is that they randomly show up at our office with something delicious. Like when they walked in with a griddle and all the fixings to make pork belly grilled cheese with sliced apples. But our second favorite thing about them is their energetic personalities and genuine excitement for sharing their talents.

“They have a tremendous passion for what they do,” said Adam George, lead designer on the project. “And I’m glad I could be a small ingredient in helping them share their flavor of joy with the world.”

Their new site is designed to allow them to showcase their passion and deliver their message in a way that’s easy to update, while still maintaining a clean and professional look and feel. See if Cooking with Caitlin can boost your culinary confidence. Just be prepared for the hankering you’ll feel for some home cooking.