Creating the future of dieting with Salad Swap

See how easy it is to swap out your next meal!

December 2, 2014

Creating the future of dieting with Salad Swap

Let’s be honest here, dieting sucks. Recently we worked with Fresh Express and Red 212 to create ‘Salad Swap’ — the app makes eating healthier a little easier on the average Joe.

Red 212 and Fresh Express came to Ample asking for our help developing an app that encourages users to ‘swap’ out their usual meals for a healthier alternative: salad. We worked through the design and development that would make the app incredibly easy to use… as well as accessible from your smartphone or computer.

It includes all kinds of cool features to keep your healthy lifestyle on track. The app has access to a database of fresh healthy recipes, it also allows you to keep track of your meals, caloric intake, activities, and more. Users can even track their purchases through the app to score special incentives coupons.

Learn more about the salad swap app in our work section.