We opened Buffalo Wings and Rings\' doors to your next fantasy draft.

The draft is passed. But you can still sign up to play the Wings & Rings pick-em game.

August 21, 2012

We opened Buffalo Wings and Rings' doors to your next fantasy draft.

If you play fantasy football, then you know that pinning down a time, date and place to draft is as difficult as deciding which sleeper picks to go after.

Ample worked with Buffalo Wings & Rings to create a simple and delicious solution. We created an easy-to-use reservation system that would allow league commissioners to select draft dates and times at a location of their choice. And that’s not all. By simply showing up, leagues receive coozies, a draft board, a t-shirt and a guaranteed internet connection as well as plenty of places to plug in. It was good enough for us. Ample held their first annual fantasy football draft at Wings and Rings and loved every minute.

The stores love the idea as well. They get a guaranteed group of 8-12 who are going to eat, drink and draft for the next three hours. Plus they get extended engagement. Each week, Ample creates a weekly pick-em email. Recipients get a note in their inbox to make their pick, plus they get a weekly deal to entice them to catch a game at a Buffalo Wings & Rings.