Ample builds widget for to deliver \"what\'s news to you.\"

Global Post reports it. Ample assures it’s relevant to you.

June 30, 2009

Ample builds widget for to deliver "what's news to you."

Our friends at Street Attack were charged with helping to build awareness for, an innovative 24/7 newsroom with 65 correspondents in 50 countries. In this case, reading is believing, so syndicating their inventory of unique, new journalism content was the best way to gain new readers. and Street Attack secured a number of high-profile content partnerships and then turned to Ample to help provide easy access to the articles.

Ample designed a set of highly customizable, robust widgets that can easily be embedded into both large media properties and WordPress blogs alike. Publishers can assure relevancy to their audience through a dashboard that allows customization of the feed of Global Post stories. Each publisher then gets a unique snippet of code to be dropped on the page of their choice, where it will adjust to fit naturally. That unique feed is then served up via a caching system to ensure a speedy display.