Hoist is ready to help you recover.

Hoist goes will with Ample. See for yourself. Naming and Package design are just the beginning.

September 21, 2009

Hoist is ready to help you recover.

Drink up, the Hoist can is complete and is ready to provide you with the dose of electrolytes you need to feel better faster. Hoist is a wonderful blend of Ample’s creative talent. A combination of strategy, copywriting and design – it’s the result of months of work spanning both naming and branding.

If you happen to be in the Greater Cincinnati Area, Pick one up at a UDF. You’ll find a unique blend of blue, white and the natural silver of the can. Also, you’ll see how we incorporated copy on the package that explains what Hoist does in an entertaining way.

Hope you like it. We’re going to have a drink to celebrate. Then we’ll have a Hoist, so we make it back to work in the morning.