Hoist is online. And ready for action.

Combining social media and brand awareness. DrinkHoist.com is yet another example of an agile campaign.

September 18, 2009

Hoist is online. And ready for action.

After checking off the name, logo, branding and collateral, we’ve knocked the website off the list as well. Hoist is scheduled to launch at the end of this summer, and the website is scheduled to be a major part of its success.

Built to educate people on the product attiributes, it’s also designed to integrate social media in a way that generates awareness. The result is a socially driven site, built on an easily-updated content management system. It lets people know what Hoist is, who drinks it, and also makes it clear that this brand is actively growing.

DrinkHoist.com is updated everyday. Photos are pulled in from Flickr to reflect where Hoist has recently been. A Facebook feed provides a current sample of Hoist fans. Plus, Twitter messages and Eventful are used by the street team to announce events online.

Check it out for yourself, and see what 12 fluid oz. of rapid rehydration could do for you.