Hoist ups its game

Hoist kills the can and gets poured into a bottle. See what else is new for Hoist.

September 4, 2012

Hoist ups its game

Hoist is finally available in a bottle! And if that was the only thing that would have changed, Ample would have been happy. Just being in a slim line can communicated energy drink – no matter what the packaging said, what marketing materials screamed or even what street teams preached. Being in a bottle gives Hoist the opportunity to finally be all it can be.

The bottle isn’t the only upgrade. The Hoist formula was tweaked to become isotonic. Okay, get ready for a little science. An isotonic drink has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to your body, meaning that your body will absorb them faster than water alone. This is unique in the world of hydration. Things like Gatorade and Powerade require that your body add its own water to your stomach before the nutrients can be absorbed. Hoist can be absorbed faster, providing nearly instant rehydration.

Check out the new Hoist website to get the whole story. We even added a quick comparison chart to make it easier.