An Ample platform brings Social Media together. is an expert in the kind of stuff you don’t even know, you don’t know.

March 7, 2009

An Ample platform brings Social Media together.

Kevin Dugan has a large social media presence that he developed throughout his very successful career in public relations. A friend of Ample, he articulated the need to create a brand for himself. His most pressing problem being his scattered presence across social services and platforms.

Ample created a simple brand presence for Kevin at A brand mark was created to give him a visual identity and was combined with a web platform that pulls in real-time content from his two AdAge Top 150 blogs (The Bad Pitch Blog and Strategic PR). It also pulled in his 15,000+ followers on Twitter as well as his Flickr, YouTube and SlideShare content. The platform was built to be very stable, using a methodology that is smart enough to show cached content in lieu of the real time updates, when any of the web services experience outages.

The results have been great. Kevin now has a single brand that organizes his profiles in one well-designed space. This allows him to continue to own his brand in terms of search presence while focusing his time in whatever social space that suits his communication needs.