Making reading accessible for all.

See how Learning Ally has been reborn.

February 8, 2013

Making reading accessible for all.

Much of our 2012 allotment of blood, sweat and tears went into a project that is truly doing a lot of good in the world. Learning Ally is a non-profit, whose mission is to provide audio textbooks to all people who struggle with reading due to either blindness or a learning disability.

They came to Ample to help them completely recreate their online experience. This included how they communicated with their users, how they explained their services, how users gained access to their materials, and how users interacted with the materials once they purchased the service. From our end, this meant almost a year of research, designs, prototypes and focus groups, as we narrowed in on the right path, the right look and the right words. We explored new ways of promoting educational content, user testimonials and learning disability recognition resources. In fact, we explored too much for one article to do it justice. See more of the details that went into this project on the Learning Ally Project Page.

You can also visit their new site now. See for yourself how we tackled some of the challenges, such as five unique targets with five different needs and uses for one product. While you’re there, see if you notice the tactics and strategies we used to engage a user base who either struggle to read, or simply can’t see at all.