Mitch brings his video skills to Ample

Mitch knows motion.

June 18, 2012

Mitch brings his video skills to Ample

Mitch is an alumni of The University of Cincinnati’s esteemed design program – DAAP. Since he is following in the footsteps of DAAP greats such as Rob Sloan, Adam George and Mandy Marlowe, we’re placing massive expectations upon his shoulders.

His experience tells us he can take it. As an interactive designer with amazing motion skills, Mitch has worked from one coast to the other. In LA he took on projects for Warner Brothers and Paramount (Harry Potter, Terminator, Rango). In NYC he was tackling brands such as Crocs, New Balance, and TNT. And back in Cincinnati, while at Possible Worldwide, he was doing work for P&G.

Mitch isn’t your typical creative-type. So he should fit in well here. A lover of all things football, Mitch turned in his helmet for a whistle, and is now on the coaching staff of a local high school. He stays active playing basketball, sand volleyball, hiking and mountain biking. He can take or leave craft beer. He doesn’t care for the indie music scene, and thinks that buying an ironic t-shirt at Goodwill (that he could most likely find in his grandma’s basement) doesn’t make people as cool as they might think.