Building a new site for MSA, the baddest architects on our block.

MSA Architects is the official architect of the Cincinnati Reds. And now they also have a site that is officially awesome.

September 21, 2011

Building a new site for MSA, the baddest architects on our block.

MSA is an amazing architecture firm that resides just a block down the street from Ample. They came to us in need of a site redesign that could get them out of the world of Flash and into the future of web design. MSA felt like they had a ton of beautiful work waiting to be shared and a company message that wasn’t shining through.

Ample put together a site for them that balances the beauty of their design with the personal passion for architecture that their group shares. The site is built upon a content management system that enables them to quickly update new projects with photos, team members, descriptions and more. It allows them to easily generate a page that pops visually while being well organized and informative. A great addition to the CMS was providing the ability to dynamically filter the projects. It gives prospective clients the ability to quickly search through all of MSA’s work and zero in on projects of a size, scope and style they’re interested in.

Ample also spent a lot of time on the MSA team page. This included a variety of things from creating an image-heavy timeline of the company’s history to developing in-depth introductions to the MSA staff. This involved creating and sending a questionnaire for each employee to answer. Using their answers, we then created bios which highlight their education and skills, as well as their personality – including their interests outside the office. They offer a great way for clients to see the people behind the designs.

Working with MSA has been great, and the result is a beautiful and highly functional site. We hope that you check it out and feel the same way.