Vote for the Sauce King

Get to know the candidates.

December 17, 2013

Vote for the Sauce King

Buffalo Wings & Rings introduced two new sauces to their menu. They asked Ample to create something engaging to launch them into their stores.

We personified Bourbon BBQ and Cool Wasabi — developing posters, stickers and table tents. The two flavors became candidates running against each other for the Sauce King crown.

Bourbon BBQ says:
Welcome to flavor town.
I’m bringing you that smooth bourbon flavor to change the way you order wings forever. Remember, there’s nothing cool about Wasabi.

Cool Wasabi says:
I’m bringing the heat, then cooling it down.
Get ready for a wasabi and cucumber blend sure to be your top sauce. BBQ? Been there, done that. It’s time for a change!

To drive engagement, we developed a website that rewarded users based on their decision. If their favorite sauce wins the popular vote, a coupon is sent to them via email. A legit kickback to sauce supporters.

It’s a fun campaign that enabled us to bring new people into the loyalty club database. At the same time we collected data flavor preference. Plus it was a whole lot of fun to imagine the personality of Bourbon BBQ sauce.