We brought the Trapper Keeper back online

Mead came to Ample asking for our help to revive the Trapper Keeper. Check it out. The results were pretty righteous.

June 1, 2014

We brought the Trapper Keeper back online

Back in the good old days, the hair was bigger, the colors brighter, and the Trapper Keeper was a necessity for any kid heading to school. This binder was an iconic staple of every school supply list; famous for its bright designs and velcro cover.

Mead recently decided to re-release the Trapper Keeper and tasked Ample with building the site, and developing the web product all with the totally radical voice of the Trapper Keeper. We created a bitchin site with colors and themes that will give you flashbacks to when they used to play music on MTV.

The site was designed to have a retro theme, reminiscing to the days when the Trapper Keeper reigned supreme. We created an ’80’s photo contest promotion to help engage customers, a timeline that dug into its past, and of course a way to view and purchase the newly designed organizer.