We’re GLAD we could help

See all the good GLAD House is doing in our community!

August 8, 2014

We’re GLAD we could help

Ample participated in a Ronald McDonald House auction last Fall, offering up for bid our branding, copywriting and design services.

We were delighted when GLAD House placed the winning bid. They are an organization that helps mentor, educate, and take care of children whose parents are battling addiction — a huge issue in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Their program is designed to provide stability and options for kids who very likely to follow down the same path as their parents, to their own life of crime and addiction.

GLAD House met with Ample asking for guidance and help. How do we get the most out of a very limited budget.

Ample created a 2 page brochure for GLAD House to get their message out one that sets up the problem and one the solution. They can be used together or separately depending on their audience. We also supplied a social media plan, and designed items that can be used in a kit that will act as an outreach kit to volunteers who can share the Glad House story and bring in more awareness and support.

Beatrice Lampkin and her team in O’Bryonville are doing amazing things and was truly a pleasure to get to know them.