Yocal gets you in touch with your home town.

Yocal shows transplants that Cincinnati is a really cool place to live. It also shocks Cincinnati natives with this same information.

April 5, 2012

Yocal gets you in touch with your home town.

Yocal is designed to help people discover what’s to love about where they live. It provides a steady stream of information that is managed by their own list of preferences. It’s also designed on the back end to make it quick and easy for administrators to manage content and track interaction.

Blackbook EMG is a company that makes their living by assuring people love the place they live. They are hired by large companies that want to make sure their new hires aren’t going to pull up stakes and leave, simply because they don’t feel at home.

Blackbook turned to Ample to help them turn an idea into a product. We named it, created the logo and then designed and built the application. We also created the video and marketing sites to get the word out and engage new users.