Ample CMS is a more powerful and easier-to-use version of every other content management system you’ve struggled to make work for you. That’s partially because it’s a product created by people who build websites for a living. It’s mostly because we use it everyday, and improve it with every project.

Create a unique site rather than cramming your needs into a pre-ordained template.
Hand-crafted for every client to meet their unique needs, Ample CMS has managed social media interaction, acted as a photography repository and has provided the structure for content heavy sites with pages in the thousands. The flexible framework of this product allows us to provide our clients with consistent functionality and usability while offering unique customizations that truly allow them to deliver their message.

But what is power without knowledge?
Being able to use the tool is paramount to its success. The look and functionality of Ample CMS has been designed and redesigned to make it intuitive to its user. Simple dropdowns and drag and drop functionality provide interactive visual cues that help you get things done quickly. For example: If you want a news post to appear first on a page, you simply click and drag it to the top of the list.

Adding imagery
It has never been easier to control the imagery on your website. In Ample CMS all of your assets are contained in a single library. And you can access this library any time you’re making edits to a page. With a click, it pops open to reveal the most recent images used. You can also search for the specific one you need, and then drag and drop it right into your site.

More details (especially for developers)
Ample CMS is not an out-of-the-box content management solution; plug-ins, workarounds and hacks do not exist, nor are they needed. This is an extensible, open source product with rock solid documentation. It’s written as a Rails 3.2 Engine and makes use of SASS, CoffeeScript and a fluid grid. Ample CMS integrates with Devise for authentication and supports Dragonfly for image manipulation. All-in-all, it is a solution any developer can feel confident in — one that is database independent, fully tested and in line with all Rails conventions. Plus, we’re always here to answer any questions.


Clear cut and easy to use. Functionality is where you would expect it to be, and simple enough to not leave you floundering in options.

Custom Templates

Choose from your custom built templates and the form fields change. Focus on the content as it will appear on the site.


Store your site’s assets where they can be accessed and reused. Always located at the bottom of your browser; a click brings up your entire searchable library.