Buffalo Wings & Rings

Ample has enjoyed a long relationship with Buffalo Wings & Rings. We bonded over fantasy football for years — creating in store draft materials as well as an online season-long pick ’em game.

Buffalo Wings & Rings had gone through a significant branding upgrade. Not only were they rapidly expanding across the country, but they were also upgrading their stores and menu. It was a push to a more broadened appeal that went beyond the male-focused sports bar and opened into the family-focused sports restaurant.

Ample worked with the Buffalo Wings & Rings team to establish their priorities for the site and to gain an understanding of how they were pushing the visual identity.

Modern design
The new Buffalo Wings & Rings is responsively designed and implements parallax scrolling. This delivered on two major issues. The variety of screen sizes today as well as the SEO impact, makes it imperative for a site to adjust to the user’s device. With the new design, the site looks fantastic small or large. The parallax scrolling is a design element, especially prominent in their menu section. This modernizes the feel of the brand while also adding some visual interest to an incredibly long page.

In general, the site grew in scale, but the menu was a huge focus. To deliver on Buffalo Wings & Rings’ focus on their food, we needed a platform that would deliver visually and verbally. Additionally it needed to be updatable for changes and special offers. This site is built on the Ample CMS, which gives Buffalo Wings & Rings customized flexibility. Within the menu, they have the power to change images, add and subtract menu items, and to denote things like “new,” “chef favorite,” or “award winning.”

For any restaurant, finding them is always a major point of concern. It can be an even greater need for a franchise site that covers much of the U.S. Ample worked with Buffalo Wings & Rings to establish location specific pages that were consistent — yet open to the specific messaging and character of each store. Users can easily find their location and get directions to the food they love.

It was a joy to work with the Buffalo Wings & Rings team on this project and we look forward to doing a lot more in the future.