When we met the ClassWatch team, we found a group with a great idea for selling customized high-end watches in place of traditional class rings – but a site that wasn’t doing it justice. The biggest problem being, customers couldn’t order a watch without making a phone call. We made things simple. From how we described the concept, to the actual process of designing a watch, we made it easy for people to get it, make it and buy it – all online.

Improve User Flow

ClassWatch was having trouble getting people through to purchase for a variety of reasons. But a big one was that they were forcing users to go through a stepped process before they could even explore the site. We pushed them to allow a more organic user flow. Some people want to browse the type of watch first. Others want to know what a ClassWatch is, and another may choose a school and begin configuration immediately. Our goal was to create an interface that allowed users to get to the information they desired as quickly and easily as possible.

Home. Users can start by finding their school, browsing watches or taking another path that fits their needs.
Previous Home
Previous Home. Users were forced to make their shopping decisions prior to seeing a product.
Shop by Category
Shop by Category. Find your watch by price, style or brand.

Implement an E-Commerce Platform

If nothing else, we needed to make sure that people could begin and end a transaction online. Which meant we basically had to start from scratch. Ample, rethought the entire frame work of the site and researched the best solutions for creating a true online store. After zeroing in on Magento along with a plan to marry it with Scene7, we then pushed to do whatever it took to bring the site to life.

Configurator. Choose a logo, personalize text, design location and even engraving.

Simplify Options

In this case, steps actually came in handy. Leading users through the process we were able to ensure they were getting exactly what they wanted, from logo to placement. We developed the configurator using Scene7, a dynamic imaging platform. This was vital in the process as it ensures that the configurator has higher quality previews, allows users to zoom, and provides customizable views that are more true to the finished product.

School Landing
School Detail. Each school has a custom description to identify with the alumni while naturally increasing search engine traffic.
School Picker
Choose a School. An ever growing list of schools.

Create Content

Good content, good search ranking. That was our mantra for the ClassWatch site. With that in mind we decided to develop a unique page for each individual school whose logo ClassWatch offered. After some serious research, we created over 150 pages of content. Each one offering a glimpse of what that school is all about. Making both ClassWatch more relevant in search rankings for school-related searches, as well as another push to purchase–this heavy dose of content went a long way.