Cology offers everything a lender needs for private student lending. They have the tools and staff to get lenders into the market, and to handle implementation, processing and repayment of the loans. What they didn’t have (prior to Ample) was a website that said or showed anything that would lead you to believe that they did any of those things.

Ample worked with their team to truly understand the market and their place within it. From there we got down to what their product was, how it worked and what it provided. The result is a clean site that looks professional and technical, yet brings the faces of their team to the forefront to show their attention to customer service.

Other highlights of the project greatly benefit their sales team. Within the content management system, Ample implemented a quick and easy way for Cology to create microsites on the fly. This allows them to create landing pages specifically geared to prospective clients – including the information that is most relevant to them. The case studies on the website were created with similar goals in mind. Each case study is specifically geared to different sized lenders with different types of needs. And we built these case studies so that they could be quickly converted into high resolution PDFs. In this way, each case study web page is also a printable sales tool.