Currito’s menu offers unique burritos whose flavors stray far from the Mexican border. Using that as our inspiration, Ample developed a responsive site for them that strays far from the expected.

We made sure that their personality and focus on fresh ingredients and ideas came through on every page and for every screen size. The colors and tonality give it the personal feel of their restaurants. The heavy use of imagery in the headers gives it a fresh vibrant feel, while also setting up each specific section. The copy uses a bit of humor and personality that ties in with their brand character and helps to get across their focus in a way that’s engaging and fun to read.

Perhaps what we’re most proud of, however, is the menu page. It is truly a satisfying blend of disciplines. Design, development and copywriting all work together to drive home the essence of what makes Currito unique. Their focus is on fresh ingredients and fresh ideas which can’t be shown in standard stock shots of steak or chicken burritos. Every new burrito or smoothie provides a new view of the unique ingredients, many of which, you may never have expected. With every click, you see more and more fresh ingredients, ideas and reasons to give them a try.