Earnest is a new online service designed to connect the small businesses people start every day with customers who want their services. The idea is to provide a place for the consumer that has the information, reviews and recommendations they need to make a decision. For the service providers, it gives them a place to start their business while avoiding the cost of building their own site, marketing themselves to the world and seeking out clients.

In order to get this idea across quickly to an audience of potential users as well as investors, we developed a concept around two characters — one who needed a service from someone he could trust, and another who wanted to start a business. In this way we could explain the overall concept of Earnest, while also speaking to specific features that will help our two characters get what they need.

Ample took the project from concept to creation. We created both script and storyboard, and then moved on to illustration styles, voice over management and music selection. After everything was chosen, recorded and designed, we then blended it all together with some crazy motion work and really slick animation skills. Take a minute and 12 seconds and see the results for yourself.