Everything But The House

Everything But The House (EBTH) is possibly one of the most addicting websites/products that we have ever built. They provide an online shopping experience that is part bidding website, part estate sale, and all together fun.

People have always come to EBTH to help them sell a house full of items that have accumulated over a lifetime. The EBTH staff works with the seller to evaluate and catalog their items, then to photograph them and upload them to the website for sale. Every sale last 7 days and each and every item starts at $1.

For the buyer, they get to explore and bid on an unpredictably exciting array of items that change on a daily basis. For the seller, they get a partner that understands the process and can provide them with a detailed inventory as well as a quick payment.

That sounds great right? So why did they need us?
For starters, they needed a platform that could handle growth. They were preparing to expand to new markets, a move that will also double their bidder base in 2013.

They also needed some pretty drastic improvements to the sign in process and overall shopping experience. They had a great base of customers that loved their offering, but the user interface was outdated and difficult to use.

Lastly, they required help on the internal side of the business. The data entry was incredibly inefficient and EBTH needed a better way to empower and manage internal team members as they created sales.

What we did for EBTH led to immediate results. Time on site has doubled, pages per visit have almost doubled and search traffic has doubled.

How did we do it? We went incredibly in-depth into user interface explorations and internal process paths. And then we applied elegant design and development to our findings.

A whole new look.
From a redesigned logo, to the form and function of the site’s shopping experience — we modernized EBTH in a way that kept its eclectic style while keeping focus on the items. And we did all of this while simplifying the searching, bidding and buying process.

  • For the first time, EBTH can now highlight specific sale items — useful for big ticket items such as cars, boats or rare works of art.
  • Rather than opening up each sale and digging category by category, bidders can now see items from every active sale by category. With a bidder base whose interests range from power tools to collectible figurines, this is an invaluable feature.
  • We created the ability to follow items. Bidders can now follow items without bidding on them. This increases their level of interest, simplifies their experience and gradually teaches them the bidding process.
  • We also built in functionality that helps streamline the process from an operational standpoint. This includes integrating shipping into the buying process (before this it was handled offline, and shipping quotes had to be written by hand) as well as reworking how credit cards are used and charged during the bidding process.
  • Lastly, we integrated social media into the site enabling “likes” and Facebook comments, further extending EBTH’s reach on a per-item and per-sale basis.

Back End
On the back end of the new EBTH site we have provided a cleaner, more streamlined work flow. The EBTH team can now use a single powerful system for the duration of a sale. Within their CMS implementation they can now:

  • Define various roles for staff members
  • Quickly create a sale, add descriptions and upload imagery
  • Better manage invoices, billing, buyers, sellers and sales
  • Use analytics to track conversions and report on the results of their sales

Everything But The House has a beautiful website and is a great service. You should check it out and see what’s waiting to be discovered.