Fresh Express Salad Swap App

Ample helped Fresh Express create the 30-Day Salad Swap to build consumer loyalty via repeat purchase. The app lets you recreate your favorite higher calorie foods, like cheesy pizza and creamy pasta, with lower calorie salad alternatives. The program encourages the user to swap one meal a day for a month with the hopes of not only feeling better but to also earning money-saving coupons along the way.

A simple site was created to give the consumer all of the information they’d need about the app – from benefits to savings to bios of the nutrition experts we partnered with to help create the program.

The dashboard gives the consumer a heads up display of the most important information. They can see how many salads they’ve logged in the 30 day period as well as how many days remain. There’s also a clear way for users to enter salads.

Salad Swap
The core of the program is having the ability to swap out more indulgent meals with salads. The app offers complimentary salads options for whatever the consumer is craving.

Loyalty and Rewards
An easy to use purchase tracking tool allowed for the user to log their Fresh Express salad bag purchases. An integrated CRM platform sends regular communications to users to encourage them as well as deliver coupons for reaching rewards intervals throughout the 30 Day Challenge.

We integrated a recipe site we built for Fresh Express to give the user everything they needed to make any one of the 500+ recipes.

Another important part of the program was providing robust tracking for the user. Users have the ability to set goals and then track meals, calories, exercise and even their weight.

Multiple User Experiences
We offered the App experience in a responsive web format as well as native iOS and Android apps to appeal to the largest possible technographic of our target audience.