Like Ample, the founders of FUSIAN believe that you are what you create.

In this case we created a highly visual, beautifully simple online experience. The goal was to put the focus on the fresh ingredients and the vibrant dining experience that make the restaurant so unique.

Some of the highlights include their menu and their navigation.

FUSIAN doesn’t have a strict menu in any sense. Imagine a Chipotle ordering style in sushi form. You walk down the line selecting your ingredients — which are then rolled right in front of you. That’s why their online menu simply invites you to build your own, while adding up your calories, carbs and all those other healthy type stats.

Simple and unique. The navigation was kept to a minimum. It’s mainly handled from a single bar that elegantly overlays the large landscape images. On interior pages, an unobtrusive drop down menu makes it easy to dive a little deeper.

Technically speaking, this is a responsive site that is built on the Ample CMS. So anyone gets a great experience whether on their phone, desktop or tablet. The FUSIAN team gets a great experience as well, since they have full control of the images and text on the site.