Hoist Positioning

Hoist is the older brother that’s been there before. He’s not trying to lecture you, just giving you the heads up. There’s humor, in a brutally honest kind of way. And in the spirit of honesty, he doesn’t promise you’re going to feel like a million dollars after drinking Hoist. Though he assures you, that you wont feel like you got hit in the face with a sock full of quarters either.

In all cases copy should be fun and direct. And in most cases it should be short.

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Feel Better Faster
with 12 FL OZ of Rapid Rehydration
When you know it’s gonna hurt tomorrow – you need a Hoist tonight. It has the electrolytes you need to wake up feeling less like you got hit by a bus and more like you got hit by a ten speed. Sure it may hurt, but at least you can get out of bed.

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Live for the night. Plan for the morning.
When you know it’s going to hurt tomorrow, you know you need a Hoist tonight. It’s a drink packed with the rehydrating electrolytes that take the edge off of your next morning.