When Josh and Anna had their third child, they faced a sudden dilemma. This new little bundle of joy was a sweet little girl. Which meant all those bins of meticulously organized and folded boys clothes had suddenly become irrelevant to the household. What’s more, Anna found herself with less time than ever to shop for a new wardrobe.

That led to only one clear logical step. Anna started a company called Loteda where she (and all moms) could buy and sell gently loved children’s clothes.

Ample worked with them through all phases of the growing startup. From MVP to its current offering — Ample provided design, copy and development. We started with a branding exercise that helped narrow in on the colors, textures, photography style and copy tone you can see on their site today. With all the important stuff under our belt, the full e-commerce site was created.

The ride was only beginning. Together, Ample and Loteda have forged ahead, updating messaging and design based on analytics and usability. We’ve created all types of marketing elements for social platforms, emails, and online ads.

The best part of this project, aside being able to help Anna, is the chance to innovate again and again. As Loteda grows and more and more people use it, we are able to gather data and improve based on what we see. This has influenced everything from describing how it works to targeting specific user groups.