This Mead line of products, available at Target, features several branches of organizational tools that help with scheduling, meal planning, expenses and more.

Ample created a beautiful site design that highlights the products without competing with them. This versatility is an important feature because their product line’s colors and styles change annually. Ample’s design also makes finding the right product easy. Image-heavy categories help generate better recognition in store and the integration of Facebook commenting created the opportunity for people to help guide each other to products that worked for them.

The content for the site was generated to fit the brand character and tone of the packaging. The challenge being — how to create pages of content based upon a few words on shelf? Ample developed a voice that is able to quickly deliver product messaging in a “personality filled” way. Through this, “modern woman and mom,” approach, things like product descriptions and helpful tips can be both relevant and concise as well as “true to life.”