Some projects are worth doing, no matter what the pay. This is one of them. We had no idea what a Restavek was, and were completely unaware that children were being enslaved less than 2,000 miles off the coast of Florida. Turns out, a lot of people don’t know. And we’ve aimed to change that.

Improve Branding

New Logo
New Logo. Still recognizable, but vastly simplified.
Previous Logo
Previous Logo. Too complex to work in all mediums.

The logo was the first order of business. Based on its consistent use in Haiti, the Foundation didn’t want a full rebrand. But we assured them, at the very least, their current logo was in need of some tightening. Adam was able to simplify. He cut back on colors, fonts and text, and also reorganized the priority of the mark. The result is a new logo that is recognizable with the old, but immensely more clean, readable and versatile – thus, more useful.

Home. Everything leads to action. Give, learn, or pass on.

Telling their story

There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. And Kevin had to completely immerse himself in the story in order to create the content that could truly capture what was going on. After reading Jean-Robert’s book, doing research on the history of Haiti as well as reading up on the current and future plans of the Foundation, he found a surprising message of hope.

Though the story is unbelievably tragic, and what Jean-Robert Cadet lived through as a former Restavek is almost unimaginable, we were able to see the promise of change. With Adam’s beautiful design, we show the problem, but focus on the future. After all, the goal is to raise awareness, funds and incite change. And although we felt people had to be made aware of what was happening, perhaps more importantly, they had to understand that there was something they could do about it.

Therefore we created a site that empowered people to act.

More ways to give

Our goal was to empower the masses, not just a select few with money. That meant facilitating action in a variety of forms. For some, that action will be to dig deeper and learn more. So we created enough content to allow people to become experts on the Restavek system, the foundation and on the culture of Haiti. Others would be inspired to pass the site on to friends and family, so we facilitated that as well. And luckily, some will be willing to give. In that scenario, our idea was to provide options, and to make over donation feel valuable.

Sponsor a Child

This was the opportunity for an individual to make a larger donation. It’s a 300 dollar commitment to support a child for a year. A huge amount of support, that’s vital to the Foundation, but not viable for everyone.

Sponsor a School

This affords people the opportunity to lead a group to change. A single sponsor can sign up and invite others to help raise money to the common goal of supporting a Haitian school.

Give an Identity

As President Obama’s campaign proved, micro-donations add up. And in our case, just $15 can provide a birth certificate to a Restavek, which in turn affords them rights they’ve never before known.