The Brandery

When the Brandery was moving from an idea to a living and breathing incubator for budding businesses, they reached out to Ample for the branding and the website. And when they found success, grew and expanded their offerring they reached out to us once again.

The Brandery has been busy over the last few years — gathering and mentoring budding entrepreneurs, building the Cincinnati start-up community and generally doing a lot of great things in the world. In the process, they also outgrew their site. We updated their look, created clearer navigation and worked out some new content. is now more focused on action and results with a heavy use of visuals and more targeted content. New landing pages for investors, entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts are easily accessed from the top nav, as well as from call outs on the home page. Results, graduates and other signs of their success are now brought to the light. Their event schedule is now also featured in several areas across the site.

All together, the new look and functionality match up with where the Brandery has gone. It tells a story of a successful accelerator and community leader that’s worth getting to know.

Long before this redesign, Ample developed the Brandery logo, branding and the design of their first site. We used The Brandery’s soon-to-be home (a part of town that had been known as a brewery district) as inspiration for the logo. It’s where the bottle cap shape and the tagline, “Tap your idea,” come from.