Cology is a client of ours in the student lending arena who knows better than anyone the complexity of finding a private student loan. Therefore they turned to Ample to help simplify things.

TuitionU is an Ample-created tool that provides a quick and well-organized list of loans to which you pre-qualify. The list contains lenders of all sizes, so you can compare rates from the large banks you’ve heard of, as well as those of smaller institutions that you may not even know exist.

The design of the entire site is clean, modern and easy to use. But it’s the results section that really sings. Thanks to some forward thinking design and great client decisions, the loan results are amazingly clear and easy to compare.

This site is beautiful inside and out. Built in Rails, it boasts a full content management system that controls both the web app and marketing site. The development team implemented a number of progressive technologies, including geocoding and Redis-based query caching – making the site lightning fast. They also managed to frame TuitionU within a system that allows it to selectively override site pages with partner colors and branding. What does that do? It allows a trusted source like a college to readily use TuitionU as a resource. The University of Cincinnati, for example, can send the TuitionU site to perspective students resplendent in red and black with the UC logo in the corner.