White Castle needed a website worthy of an iconic brand. Working with Northlich, the interactive agency of record, we helped deliver that.

Overhauling the White Castle website began with a strategic approach that included a solid understanding of what a “Craver” (a true White Castle fan) might expect. Our target was already creating a White Castle online experience of their own. Countless YouTube videos were getting thousands of hits and people were tweeting White Castle related messages at an astonishing rate. From our point of view, that made our task change from creating a new online experience, to harnessing the one that already existed.

Content, Content, Content

It comes in many forms, and on this site it comes in abundance. Knowing how much content was being generated by White Castle fans, we designed the site to feature it. After all, White Castle is all about its Cravers, so giving them the prominent voice was a perfect fit. From there, we filled in the gaps, making sure that the way we described and called things out was in a voice that matched the brand and target. It allowed us to take normally mundane things like menu descriptions, and make them fun and entertaining.

Home. Craver content from YouTube, Flickr and Twitter stream into a single channel.

Videos & Photos

Photos and videos are pulled from Flickr and YouTube. All a user has to do is tag their uploaded content with “White Castle.”

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Users can read through the stories of the inductees and vote for their favorites, helping us push the most interesting content to the forefront.



Recipes are all user submissions, mostly from the annual cook-off. They are separated by meal, but the winning recipes are always in the first view.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture

We wanted to show that White Castle is more than just a place it eat, and that it is beloved enough to pop up in songs, movies and more.

Deep History

Timeline. Their History comes to life with the use of photography and the addition of cultural milestones.

White Castle has tradition. Tons of it. The first hamburger chain. The first to sell a million, and then the first to sell a billion burgers. The challenge was to modernize the online presence of White Castle without losing the history that makes it unique. We found that through careful design we could blend the history into the new look using their historic photography in moderation. In other words, we put history where it fit. In the company section it lives beside and contrasts a modern store. In the timeline, it’s the focus. But in the Craver section it’s non-existent.

Road Trip

Everyone has a locator. It’s expected and mandatory for any business that’s inviting you to enjoy a meal. We took it a few steps further. Using information from Google maps and some creative coding, we were able to use Google Street View to provide more than an address and directions. You’ll find a map that pinpoints the nearest White Castles, and pulls in images of that location with the camera focused in on your exact destination.

Find a White Castle
Find a White Castle. This functionality enables users to search by address, city and even landmarks.
Mobile Site
Mobile Site. As you can see on the iPhone, this is more than a shrunken WhiteCastle.com.

Mobile Site

Cravers will visit the White Castle mobile site for different reasons than the ones that drive them to WhiteCastle.com. Everything that we accomplished in the examples above needed to be rethought, re-prioritized and reformatted to create the optimal user experience.

We focused on a single user generated photo that fits the space, simplified the navigation and made it vertical. We made photos and menu items easy to click through and click out of. Most importantly, we assured that the store locator would work flawlessly. After all, what could be more important when you’re on the move, than directions to the nearest White Castle?

CMS. Managing content doesn’t have to be complex.

Content Managed

This site is designed to change and expand. As new content is generated by Cravers, we made it simple to pull it in, get it approved and up on the site. We also made sections that are destined to grow every year like Recipes and the Hall of Fame, easy to update and meticulously organized. And we made plenty of feature sections throughout the entire site, allowing White Castle to push the focus to different things at any time.

BBQ Pulled Pork - Expandable Rich Media
Happy 88th! - Standard Flash Craver Saver Meals - Standard Flash Standard Flash Ads.
BBQ Pulled Pork - Expandable Rich Media BBQ Pulled Pork - Expandable Rich Media Expandable Rich Media Ad.

Display Ads

White Castle provides customers with great offers and exciting new ideas, but they struggled to generate awareness. Our expertise in online marketing allowed us to create both display and rich media ads that were simple and entertaining. The result was more click throughs from the ads to the site, and more conversion as coupons were downloaded. Plus the new campaigns leveraged strong social hooks which caused people to help spread the work via Twitter driving even more conversion and greater awareness.