Wild Sumatra Adventures

We created this branding and the site for an ecotourism company in Sumatra.
That sounds really cool when you put it that way.

The site delivers on those expectations. It paints a beautiful picture of the jungles, animals and people who inhabit this amazing place.

We helped them brand themselves, created their logo and developed their entire look tone and feel. The site is built on the Ample CMS and offers some high-powered possibilities. They can easily create and highlight itineraries, provide consistent descriptions of food, dining and travel options. They even have the opportunity to be a thought leader and content provider of general information on the land and its people. Details are sparse, and Wild Sumatra Adventures want to be a leader in conservation through enjoyable education.

Rather than focusing on booking a trip immediately, the goal of this site is to answer questions. We provide information on the sites and destinations complete with breathtaking images. We also include travel information: Where would you fly into? How would you get around? Where would you stay? All the qualifying questions one might ask before considering a trip.

The site goes into great detail on the various destinations, culture and wildlife. An interactive map at the top of the page provides context and helps tourists paint a picture of how they can plan their trip.

The Sumatran Tiger represents everything that Wild Sumatra Adventures is hoping to convey. It is a highly endangered beautiful creature whose very existence may hinge on tourism. The tiger was chosen to be the focal point of their logo to represent both the exciting draw the jungles have for tourists as well as their mission of drawing awareness to the loss of habitat.