Ample was approached by Blackbook EMG to help them create a tool (Yocal) that would enable them to meet their current business objectives as well as expand their options in the future. Blackbook EMG is a company that makes their living by enssuring people love the place they live. They are hired by large companies that want to make sure their new hires aren’t going to pull up stakes and leave, simply because they don’t feel at home.

Working in concert with Blackbook EMG, Ample took Yocal from an idea to a living and breathing product.

Using the same naming tool that helped us create Hoist, Ample landed on the name, Yocal, along with its accompanying tagline — You + Local. From there we continued the branding process, exploring a variety of logos with a wide range of sophistication, approachability and fun. The final logo ended up being a versatile mark which does a little of all three.

A name and a look quickly led to the creation of the product itself — an online tool that gives users custom content that matches individual preferences with local news and attractions. Built upon Ample’s CMS, it allows for easy administration of daily content as well as quick notifications of user requests and the subsequent ability to respond. Yocal also allows administrators to track interactions so that they can evaluate their own effectiveness.

With a product to offer, a marketing site was next on the agenda. Ample created a one page responsive site to tell Yocal’s story and to make sign up simple. We also wrote, recorded and built the Yocal marketing video to help generate even more interest.